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Friday 20 June 2014

Book A Day: 14 - 20

14. An old favourite
It has been may favourite since I first read it many moons ago. It was recommended to me by my Mum and the copy I first read has her notes in it from when she did it at University. It is a classic that has seen many incarnations on screen and it never ceases to be brilliant. Yep...The Great Gatsby.
This is the cover of the copy I have with my mum's notes in. I do have another copy with a design that was launched to coincide with the newest film. Also, I love the book so much that my poor departed cat was called The Great Catsby.

15. Favourite fictional father
Now this one is very tough as to be honest, when I was thinking about it, no one father came to mind. I thought of ones I quite like, for example, Ned Stark and Burrich (although technically a father figure). but to be honest, I don't really have a stand out fave. Sorry.

16. Can't believe more people haven't read
Hands down, not thinking required Iain Banks. I know there there is a massive following for his books but whenever I talk about them to my friends and the like noone has ever read any! WHY?????????

17. Future classic
Well, I will present to you a book I read very recently and do believe it will transcend the times! That is.......The Humans. I think it's going to become like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. People love it and people will continue to love it and it will live for ever. The title up there is linked to my review if you want to find out about it a bit more.

18. Bought on a recommendation 
One book that I always think of when I think of a book I was recommended is Hope: A Tragedy. It was recommended by young Simon from Big Green Bookshop when I first went to visit the fine establishment. It is a book that has stuck with me as well as it was so mental and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Again, the title is linked to my review if you want to know more.

19. Still can't stop thinking about it
Right, the book I can't stop thinking about is Tiger tiger . I don't always think about it for good reasons. It was one of the most upsetting and disturbing things I have ever read. And I can't help but constantly think why my friend lent it to me and said to read it! It really has had a massive impact on me.

20. Favourite cover
Ok so, I don't have one favourite cover, but I do have one favourite cover artist. Does that count?? It's the one and only Darren Craske. I love the fact that he designs the covers for his books and you can see the characters EXACTLY how he imagines them to look. It adds an extra something to his books for me. I bloody love it. Here are some he made earlier:

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