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Thursday 26 June 2014

Holmes Challenge: Adventures 5 - 8

Here we go again...

5. The five orange pips
So, I thought this one was a bit of a let down if I am honest. Bugger all happened when you consider that the KKK are involved and it could have been really really interesting and exciting. My hopes were brought up so high and then dashed away as if they didn't matter. I'm soooooo disappointed!

6. The man with the twisted lip
An amusing and entertaining and somewhat light hearted story. No sinister edges at all and I found it rather light. That was a bit of a surprise....seems that two in a row have been a bit non-plussing now.

7. The adventure of the blue carbuncle
I did not know what a carbuncle was until I read this story, I will admit that now. I'd heard the word but never really felt the need to learn the meaning. A bit of a silly one once again but it was nice to see Holmes given a bit of a heart, it is happening more frequently, and I am enjoying it. It was nice that it was close to Christmas in the story, as I love Christmas, but I suspect that this is as festive as it is all likely to get.

8. The adventure of the speckled band
Of course, one of the most heard of Holmes adventures...at least that is what I believe. I had heard the name but had no idea what the hell it was about. I'd heard the vague gypsy relations but that was it. Nothing at all what I expected but back to the sinister and cunning plots and crimes that have been committed in previously read stories. Holmes again shows heart and shows his vulnerable side and it is making him more human to me and I am appreciating that.

What I have noted is that the derogatory stance and comments towards/about women has faded with these last few tales and I hope that sticks.

On wards!

Book Geek

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