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Monday 30 June 2014

Book A Day: 21 - 30

21. Summer read
I read scary books in the summer and when on holiday. I do this so that either someone is always there to protect me or its light for longer so no one can get me as easily. I am a wuss.

22. Out of print
This is really rather sad. When I was doing my economics A level, many moons ago, there was this one book (which I can now never recall the name of) that I constantly looked for in bookshops but was always told it was out of print.

23. Made to read at school
There were so many. My favourite has to be To Kill a Mockingbird, but of course had to read the usual Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth etc etc.

24. Hooked me into reading
I was a slow reader in my youth, so took me a long while to get off the school reading scheme. When I was finally allowed to choose I book of my own I chose Max And The Fire Crystals. I have tried to google the book but I can't find a pic of the cover, even though I remember it vividly!

25. Never finished it
Stig of the Dump....that is all!

26. Should have sold more copies
There are so many I think this of that it is going to be very hard for me to pin point one! SO MANY!!!!

27. Want to be one of the characters
Game of Thrones books or the Robin Hobb books with Fitz Chivalry in of course??/ WHAT THE HELL ELSE???

28. Bought at my favourite indie bookshop
I am going to say Born Weird. I really enjoyed it and I bought it at Big Green Bookshop. My review is there if you fancy it.

29. One I have reread most often
I do not reread books. I may have books from my childhood that have been reread to me or by me but I make a point of not rereading books (unless they were for exams) as there are so many books in the world, why would I want to spend time reading one I've already read and miss out on another??

30. Would save if my house burnt down
This is one I've mentioned previously, it's the collection of Sherlock Holmes stories that was my Grand Fathers.

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