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Monday 23 June 2014

Review: Pavement, thoughts of a serial killer

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press
Price: £ 1.53 ebook

We are in the internal monologue of Mr Smith, a man who is VERY disturbed and is embarking on his career as a serial killer.

From the off this book disturbs and upsets. From the horrific and explicit dreams Smith has to the incredibly disturbed thoughts and the weird things he does each day. From the beginning the book made me feel seriously uncomfortable and unsettled and at the end I was wondering if I was completely mental too! It's the whole Catch 22 scenario allllllll over again!

The murders are brutal, but intelligently thought out and part of you starts to think Smith's reasoning is almost ok, due to the length of time you spend in his brain and with his absolutely mental thoughts. 

It's strange as you never reallllllly know what is true about his past and now he came to be who he is and what isn't. It's hard to get down to who he really is and why he is turning to committing multiple murders.

This is a book of a very strange mind that you do want to keep reading as you are glued to it by a horrid sense of morbid fascination. Don't read it if you are faint hearted but read it if you want to experience something completely different and indeed drop yourself in to the mind of a twisted and disturbed serial killer.

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