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Tuesday 24 June 2014

Review: Fool's Assassin

Publisher: Harper Voyager
Price: £ 20 (hardback)

Right then.....

If you haven't read any of the Robin Hobb that has Fitz and the fool in, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW.

I don't want to spoil anything for you.

You have been warned......

Last chance......


I was a tad let down by the Soldier Son book 1 and didn't plough on with the other two as they didn't grab me at all sadly. I loved the Farseer trilogy, the Liveship Traders trilogy and the Tawny Man trilogy, but Soldier son just didn't get me, so when Harper offered me a review copy of Fitz's return, I jumped on it!

Yep, he's back and we pick up a while after the end of the Tawny Man trilogy. All is well for Fitz, he's still grumpy and mopes a lot and is still unbelievably hot, but he seems settled and happy. However, it all goes a bit pear shaped and of course, that is expected as it is FitzChivalry Farseer we are talking about.

All your favourite characters are back...well the ones that aren't dead. Nettle is a babe, Chade is just...well Chade, Molly is just adorable, I could go on for a while. The catch up/reminders that RH includes are excellent. I usually get annoyed by such things, but as it has been 10 years since the last book with these guys in, the reminders were VERY welcome. And in fact, they added to the story.

The new characters are bloody awesome too...I love Bee! I bloody love her. I am however, not going to say any more about her as I really don't want to spoil any thing.

The book contains a great number of shocks and twists and turns and action and sadness and one specific incident that I did see coming......I think it is kinda obvious though. But it is stonking none the less. 

If you are a Robin Hobb fan, you will no doubt be delighted with this book in general. I'm a huge fan and I am totally over the moon with the book. It does not fail to keep Fitz as Fitz, along with the other characters and the plot is brilliant. I can't believe it has alllllll been left on such a cliff hanger and it is such a long time until the next one. This may actually kill me!!!!

Love this book, Love Hobb!

Happy reading

Book Geek

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